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The Colours of Mira Calix

March 30, 2022

Plein Air Performance. 2017.

It is with tremendous sadness that I hear of the awful, sudden and unexpected news of the death of Mira Calix.

I have mentioned her work on many of these posts in the past and had hoped that one-day we would collaborate further. Mira and I shared many of the same interests and came together through our respective work on the sensual perception of Sound and Colour and our Synaesthesia. Mira also collaborated with some fellow collaborators, and early on in my practice, I found that my work had a great resonance with hers. I am so grateful although I never knew her well, that I  managed to produce a small film “Plain Air”  with her compositions (which I mention in more detail on another post.) We kept in touch over the years via social media and she was always a supportive and positive presence to many artists and musicians including myself, and she will be greatly missed by so very many.

I feel very much that a light has gone out.


Plein Air Performance. 2017.

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