Rowan Hull in his Studio

Rowan Hull in his Studio

Rowan Hull (b 1968)  is a  painter with an expansive practice who works with real-time space and extended media,  an energetic multi disciplinary artist, who is at ease in performance with a background in music working at the interface of art and music and with other artforms . Rowan Hull is widely known for making work which explores the senses through gesture, movement, colour and the interactive process of painting via often large scale and immersive interventions in different spaces particularly with contemporary classical and improvisation in Music, and movement.

In his work to date, he has been developing concepts arising from these ideas, which have led to a body of work which in turn questions and explores process, especially the encapsulating of time in music, raising questions also about the ontological status of the artwork itself.

Rowan Hull’s work consists of an ongoing examination, analysis and exploration of this work, as a way of examining his own neurodiversity and synaesthetic experiences through confronting and immersive performances, which present to the viewer the interconnective spaces of painting, music and movement, which forms a new intensity of listening, translation and transformation. These interventions are forms of collaboration and demonstrate and analyze how such collaborations work both as process and product. Rowan Hull’s practice engages with the public,  and invites the viewer to actively participate and interact within the works. This has in turn led to Rowan Hull working  within the public sphere which democratises his practice  and gives agency to the therapeutic and neurological benefits within his practice as a whole.

This has led directly to many opportunities of enquiry into the benefits of his practice in healthcare environments, and it has let to exciting collaborations too, funding projects with different Orchestras and musicians exploring the sensory experiences of painting. In particular with the elderly and the mentally ill and especially with people living with Schizophrenia.

Over the years he has performed in many different music and art settings and Healthcare environments. Working regionally and nationally over a period of many years in Care homes, mental institutions and hospitals.Over the years he has also co ordinated workshop programmes in schools as part of his practice, he also trained and worked for a period as a psychiatric nurse and has experience of working with, and the resettling of the severely mentally ill into the community . This experience continues to inform the ideas of openness, vulnerability and the inclusivity to the work he produces.

Rowan Hull has staged many performances  for the past 20 years. Most notably and recently at the Frieze Art fair 2017, with the Centre of Visual Music (2017- ) South Bank Centre (20011/2012) Modern Art Oxford (2011) Verbier Festival Switzerland (2010) Oxford University (2009-12)  Sainsbury Centre, Norwich (2007) Pallant House Gallery (2007) Westminster Cathedral/Liverpool Met Cathedral (2006/7) Royal Academy of Music (2006) Dartington Festival (2005) and the Festival Hall (2002.) Rowan Hull has also exhibited paintings and his work is collected internationally. His work is in national collections including Tate Gallery, Reading Museum and Art Gallery, University of Oxford, Prudential (detailed in Art UK) and at Wikipedia site.)

Rowan-Hull was a  Creative Arts Fellow of Wolfson College (2009-2012)  and remains a life  member of the University of Oxford. He is currently involved in various international Collaborations in the United States, Australia and within the UK. He lives and works in Oxfordshire in the Uk.

November 2021