Plein Air with Mira Calix.

A few years ago I staged  performances within the landscape. These were an extension of my previous collaborations . For this performance I worked with  the music of unique composer/artist Mira Calix, whose approach always seemed musically to resonate with my own practice. After meeting up In Suffolk many years ago having spoke about our mutual experiences of Synaesthesia (joining of the senses) I fostered the idea of a collaboration. We had both at the time collaborated with the Neuroscientist Professor Vincent Walsh.

I finally some years later sent Mira some stills and images of what I was working on, which were shot outside my studio in  woodland near to my studio.

The performance outdoors has an unpredictable quality, and the idea behind the work came from the idea of working synaesthetically from natural sounds such as Birdsong in nature. Notating nature with paint. The resultant imagery reminded me of the Carolee Schneemann’s piece Water Light/Water Needle and I sent her the work and the others to view when it was complete. She wrote to me a matter of months before she died “I love these work very much. They are so close to my own aesthetics….Your painting outdoors remain the most beautiful and unpredictable for me….go further , follow your energies….”

It was premiered at a special evening at the Horse Hospital in London Centre for Visual Music Salon evening, held by myself and the Director of the Centre Cindy Keefer and also appeared on the Centre of Visual Music site. It was also shown at the Prometheus Festival in Kazan. Special mention goes to Haavard Helle for his camerawork and for his editing.



Oxfordshire Medium: Single Channel Video Duration (4.03)
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    Mira Calix

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    Ort Ord- Mira Calix