Transparence with Andrea Keller.

This Moving Image work is a collaboration with the composer and musician Andrea Keller whose work I have long admired. I have very strong personal continuing links with Australia and feel very connected with it. I gain much inspiration from the Australian aboriginal culture and their history of painting and Dreamtime. Also the music from Australia . Through this interest I learnt of the work of Andrea Keller, and a few years ago I did some digital collage work, cubes and paintings in response to a piece from a fascinating album of hers called “Three Lanes”. I found the sound collages transported me to Australia, and at the time I was working in my studio in the woodland around my home. Finally,  I assembled the films made at this time and made a film with a piece of Andrea Keller’s music aptly titled “Far away, Here” which seemed also to resonate strongly to ongoing concerns in my work about Place and Time, the action and immediacy of performance and the stillness of contemplation and also a sense of completion.  By Coincidence, Andrea Keller  needed some film for her new piece called “Hills of Nectar”which I also provide the images for.

The short Film is titled “Transparence of the Place” which comes from a poem that fascinates me called “Asides on an Oboe” by Wallace Stevens with whose work has had a great impact on my thinking. The piece intends to show the connections between Colour, light and time passing and the contemplation of space and time across the globe.

(Camerawork Haavard Helle , Edited by Guy Ducker.)


Medium: Single Channel Video Duration (6.17)
  • Collaborators

    Andrea Keller- Piano.

    Genevieve Lacey- Recorders

    Joe Talia-Electronics

  • Musical Works

    Far Away Here- Andrea Keller.