183 cm x 152 cm


  • Dame Gillian Weir (Organist) and divisor of music with Mark Rowan-Hull
  • Choir of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (Plainsong Chant)

Musical Works

  • Combat de la Mort et de la Vie
  • Les Deux Murrailes d’eau
  • Deau Parmi Nous

Seeing Messiaen, Hearing Colour

  • Rowan-Hull-Seeing_Messiaen_1

  • Rowan-Hull-Seeing_Messiaen_1

  • Rowan-Hull-Seeing_Messiaen_2_detail

  • Rowan-Hull-Seeing_Messiaen_3

  • Rowan-Hull-Seeing_Messiaen_4


About the Performance Painting

This was a most exciting event for me as it felt like a culmination of a lot of my work to date.

Three large canvas’s were prepared around the Altar which is in the round underneath the terrific lantern. Gillian Weir and myself discussed the programme at length beforehand, and it was decided that I produce work to the 3 large and dramatic pieces. The “Combat de la Mort et de la Vie” has a dramatic and dark opening and a beautiful tranquil quiet conclusion, where light is reinstalled, and the painting for me summons up the feeling of this. Many of the pieces were started with Plainsong, which echoed around the space seamlessly joining with the organ and my painting. The performance was staged on Pentecost and on the 40th anniversary of the consecration of the church and felt greatly symbolic for many.