Correspondences: Real Time Festival. 2015

I was invited to stage this performance as part of the Sequences (Real Time Art) Festival in Reykjavik in Iceland.

The performance was closely linked to and a part response to the work of Carolee Schneemann work, whose retrospective took place opposite and of which I assisted with. It was the first public performance I had done alone, with the painting and the surfaces becoming the sound world in itself. The performance was set within a white room within a building in the centre of Reykjavik and centred on Gestures formed out of my Meditation practice of working on the breath creating different bodily transformations shapes and orientations. The improvised structures melting, expanding and twisting reaching in and out of the audience and around the whole space.


The film documentation of this performance contains the music of two long term collaborators Roger and Chris Redgate and a piece Concerto for Improvising Soloist and 2 ensembles which I chose to intersperse with the sounds of the performance creating another layer and extra depth to the piece as a whole.



Reykyavik Iceland Medium: Single Channel video Duration (19.04)
  • Collaborators

    Artist Rowan Hull.

    Composer Professor Roger Redgate

    Musician Oboeist Christopher Redgate.

    Kreutzer Quartet

    Ensemble Expose

    photography and camerawork Haarvard Helle

    Editor Guy Ducker.

  • Musical Works

    Concerto for improvising Soloist and 2 Ensembles.