In a Silent Way

I was honoured recently to be asked to collaborate and contribute a visual accompaniment to a musical collage piece by the writer and musician collaborator and friend  Amit Chaudhuri . The piece of music is from one of my all time favourite albums of the same name ‘In a Silent Way’ by Miles Davis, juxtaposed with the Indian National Anthem. Amit has long been interested by some paintings I completed many years ago, which were meditations on The Indian Flag.

It was decided that we produce something that reflected and changed, synaesthetically with the music. For this I used footage of paintings I had done with Amit in performance, and footage of light falling on paintings and slowed down footage of performance.
It all seemed to happen very naturally. It is special, both in that for me it celebrates a long lasting collaboration and friendship and joining of the senses, and also an important commemorative piece for the 75 year anniversary of Indian independence.

Feb 2023.