Acrylic Variations

In the years between 2007 and 2012 and during my residency and fellowship at the University of Oxford, I collaborated and performed with many musicians, exploring my own responses to different musics (composed) and also via improvisation as with these film documentations of performances. We all understand descriptions of music such as brightness, Colour, texture, movement density and lightness linking vision with sound. With myself these are not merely metaphor, they are real experiences. The set up for the film was formal with canvas’s for each improvisation and an Easel. This work led to many performances especially during my creative fellowship tenure at Wolfson College.

This Film is in the Tate Archive.

Unrealised Project


Stepney Green Studios

Stepney Green, London Medium: Acrylic on Canvas's
  • Collaborators

    Rowan Hull-Hull-Artist

    Neil Heyde -Cellist

    Christopher Redgate-Oboeist

    Colin Still – Director



  • Musical Works

    Improvisations between Rowan Hull with musicians Christopher Redgate and Neil Heyde.