152 cm x 122 cm


  • Allegri String Quartet
  • Raphael Todes-Violin
  • Dorethea Vogel
  • Ofer Falk

Musical Works

  • JS Bach-The Art of Fugue
  • Beethoven-
  • Haydn

Eye Music

  • Performance View

  • Performance View

  • Haydn Quartet

  • Haydn Quartet

  • Beethoven Quartet Op 131

  • Bach Art of Fugue


About the Performance Painting

This performance was part of the “Eye Music” exhibition and focused on Fugue music, which in musical terms translates to voices speaking to each other.

For this I used Perspex and Canvas and on the long Beethoven piece I painted on both, moving from one to the other simultaneously. The performance was the first time I had painted to this kind of music. I had listened to the work prior to the performance so had an idea of when different colours and shapes came in.