Pallant House Gallery

Chichester, UK


122 cm x 91 cm


  • The Coull String Quartet
  • Nick Roberts (Cello)
  • Gustav Clarkson (Viola)
  • Phil Gallaway (Violin)
  • Roger Coull   (Violin)

Musical Works

  • Hidden Treasure (John Tavener)
  • 3rd Quartet (Benjamin Britten)

Eye Music II

  • Hidden Treasure. Tavener.

  • Hidden Treasure

  • Hidden Treasure

  • Britten’s 3rd Quartet


About the Performance Painting

This performance took place at the beginning of the Eye Music exhibition and was the first time I worked on Perspex facing the audience. Hidden Treasure by John Tavener has a rich eastern sound, and upon hearing it I could mainly see dense greens and Yellows. For the moving Britten piece I could sense Arch shapes and dark Prussian blues with only glimmers of light in between. In both pieces I was concentrating largely on my own colour responses but also the textures and patterns emerging from these densely woven pieces. The flowing nature of using Perspex also effected the way in which I painted on this occasion.