Oxford, UK


Each: 152 cm x 122 cm


  • Roger Redgate (Violin and Piano)
  • Christopher Redgate (Oboe and Piano)

Musical Works

  • Improvisations
  • Kandinsky’s Oboe (Edward Cowie)

Correspondence (Hearing/Vision)

  • Performance View

  • Performance View

  • Rowan-Hull_Correspondence_01

    Improvisation 1

  • Detail

  • Performance View

  • Performance View

  • Rowan-Hull_Correspondence_02

    Improvisation 2

  • Detail

  • Detail

  • Rowan-Hull_Correspondence_03

    Improvisation 3

  • Detail

  • Detail


About the Performance Painting

Seven pieces were created in an exciting three-way performance, which lasted approximately an hour, where the musicians responded to my movements and gestures and I responded in colour shape and texture to the sounds and progressions they were producing. The music was almost entirely improvised and unrehearsed, and none of us had a preconception of the length of the pieces.

The only composed piece was Edward Cowie’s “Kandinsky’s Oboe.” This was the only piece where I took cue entirely from what Christopher Redgate played; concentrating particularly to the colours I could see in the music.

This performance is the start of a series of performances, which will explore the links between the two art forms via performance at the Royal Academy of Music and at Wolfson in 2010 and 2011. More particularly the musicians intend to use some of these works as Graphic Scores, creating further artwork, orchestral textures and microtonal music.

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