183 x 152 cm and 122 cm x 91cm


Musical Works

  • Eclairs Sur l’au dela

Between the Canyon and the Stars

  • Rowan-Hull Les Étoiles et la Gloire

  • Rowan-Hull Les Étoiles et la Gloire

  • Rowan-Hull - Demeurer dans l’amour

  • Rowan-Hull - Le Christ, lumière du Paradis


About the Performance Painting

Two large Canvas’s were positioned in the Pulpit at Westminster Cathedral together with smaller canvas’s which I moved into place in between each movement during the performance. The large pieces were painted to the beautiful movement "Demeurer dans l’amour" and the last moving movement Le Christ, lumière du Paradis ("Christ, light of paradise")

The most important moments for me were moving from the smaller, frenetic responses portraying birdsong to the longer largo passages bathed in swathes of colour.

I spent a long time beforehand listning to this Symphony so that I was aware to when different colours and sizes of brushes etc were to be used. I also tried to follow the conductor Thierry Fischer in terms of gesture and line.